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Philippians Chapter 2: Bible Study
Get Serious: Part 2: Does God Exist?
Observations of a Spin Doctor
Zechariah's Lampstand
The Second Month
Get Serious!  Part 1
From Tabernacle to Temple
The Three Tabernacles
Psalm 81 and the Feast of Trumpets and the Day of Atonement
Who was "the LORD" of the Old Testament?: Part 8
Who was "the LORD" of the Old Testament?:  Part 7 
Who was "the LORD" of the Old Testament?:  Part 6  
Who was "the LORD" of the Old Testament?:  Part 5  
Let's be Growing in Knowledge Too
Who was "the LORD" of the Old Testament?: Part 4
Who was "the LORD" of the Old Testament?: Part 3
Who was "the LORD" of the Old Testament?: Part 2: The Voice of God
Who was "the LORD" of the Old Testament?: Part 1
His Virgin?
The Loyal Servant
Separation and Reunification: Part 2
Separation and Reunification: Part 1
The Seventh Month
The Benefits of the First Resurrection
The Comforter: Part 5
The Comforter: Part 4
The Comforter: Part 3
The Comforter: Part 2
The Comforter: Part 1
The Scarlet Letter
First Month Scriptures
Relative to the Passover Season
The Five Ws of Deleavening
The ABC of Scattering: Part 17
More Loose Ends Tied Up and Epilogue
The ABC of Scattering: Part 16
Tying up some Loose Ends
The ABC of Scattering: Part 15
Church Travels from Luther's Time to Today
The ABC of Scattering: Part 14
Thread, Fibre and Dark Age Travels
The ABC of Scattering: Part 13:
True or Professing and Early Travels
The ABC of Scattering: Part 12
Sin of Stopping and Flight to Pella
The Eighth Month
Last Great Day 2016
Feast 2016: Day 7:  Prepare for Satan's Attacks: Part 2
Feast 2016: Day 4: Do We Still Really Believe in It?
Feast 2016: Day 1: The Feast of Ingathering
Feast 2016: Opening Night Introduction & For Want of a Nail
Atonement 2016: Prepare for Satan's Attacks: Part 1
Trumpets 2016: The Dam
The ABC of Scattering:  Part 11
The Apostolic Era
The ABC of Scattering:  Part 10
The Intertestamental and Gospel Periods
The ABC of Scattering:  Part 9                         
From Egyptian Slavery to Post-Exile Jerusalem
The ABC of Scattering:  Part 8 
Back and Forth Between Egypt and Hebron
The ABC of Scattering: Part 7  
From Penuel to Egypt
Wave Sheaf Weekend
Firstborn, Redemption and the Feast of Unleavened Bread
Parts 1 and 2
NOT Just Another Night!
The ABC of Scattering: Part 6  
From Machpelah to Penuel
The Twelfth Month                    
The ABC of Scattering: Part 5:  
From Moriah to Machpelah
The Eleventh Month                   
The ABC of Scattering: Part 4: 
From Zoar to Moriah
The ABC of Scattering: Part 3:   
From Shinar to Zoar
The Tenth Month
The ABC of Scattering: Part 2:
The Noahites Halt at Shinar
The ABC of Scattering: Part 1:
From Eden to Shinar
The Great Speckled Bird
Prepare for Next Year's Feast! 
The Jewels of God
Bearing Fruit
Remember your Creator in the Days of your Youth
The Faith of Abraham and Asa
Is Heaven the Reward of the Saved?
The Abrahamic Covenant: Part 18
The Abrahamic Covenant: Part 17
Being Coached for the Lifelong Race
The Abrahamic Covenant: Part 16
Practical Faith and the Riches of Ur
The Abrahamic Covenant: Part 15
Have Confidence and Stick with the Program!
The Abrahamic Covenant: Part 14
The Core of the New Covenant Gospel
The Abrahamic Covenant: Part 13
The Blood and the Testament
The Abrahamic Covenant: Part 12
Symbolism of the Tabernacle, the Priesthood and their Services
The Abrahamic Covenant: Part 11
The Melchizedek Priesthood
The Abrahamic Covenant: Part 10
Lessons from Ephesians
The Abrahamic Covenant: Part 9
The Bond-woman and the Free-woman
The Sacred Calendar: Part 8
Are Stars Significant to the Sacred Calendar?
The Abrahamic Covenant: Part 8
Tying up some Loose Ends 
The Abrahamic Covenant: Part 7
How did the Abrahamic Covenant transfer to the Gentiles?
The Abrahamic Covenant: Part 6
Christian job-functions
The Abrahamic Covenant: Part 5
What must we do?
The Sacred Calendar: Part 7
The Abrahamic Covenant: Part 4
Spotlighting relevant prophecies concerning Judah, Simeon, Levi and Joseph
Unwelcome Guests
Shun the spiritual kind!
The Abrahamic Covenant: Part 3
Race, Grace, Sceptre and Shiloh
The Abrahamic Covenant: Part 2
The Covenant promises are repeated, magnified and clarified
The Abrahamic Covenant: Part 1
Introduction and circumcision
The Sacred Calendar: Part 6
The Oracles of God
The Sacred Calendar: Part 5
The various alternate methods
The Sacred Calendar: Part 4
A study of the New Moon scriptures
The Sacred Calendar: Part 3
What are the problems with the present Jewish Calendar?
The Sacred Calendar: Part 2
Respectfully questioning the traditional methods
The Sacred Calendar: Part 1
Should a Christian keep New Years?
Sabbath Food: Part 9
Concluding the series with some very important concepts
Sabbath Food: Part 8
Is it OK to downgrade God's Sabbaths?
Be Like Me:  Part 2
How should we deal with our differences?
Be Like Me: Part 1
Who should we want to follow and be like? 
The Armour of God
Relative to the Day of Atonement
Sabbath Food: Part 7
Including lessons from Nehemiah
Sabbath Food: Part 6
Lessons from the Levites' work and the Land Sabbaths
He Will Never Leave Us Nor Forsake Us
God still protects His people in the 21st Century
Faith and the Righteousness of God: Part 2
Examples from the disciples, Paul, Abraham and Sarah
Faith and the Righteousness of God: Part 1
Are there any links between these two?
What does God Want from us?
... In the way of offerings?
Come Out!
How much contact should we have with "the world"?
Sabbath Food: Part 5
Including a discussion on the Firewood and Kindling questions
Sabbath Food: Part 4
Some stern warnings from our loving and merciful God
From God or From Men?
From whom should we obtain our beliefs and standards?
Sabbath Food: Part 3
Lessons from God's provision of the Manna in Exodus 16
Sabbath Food: Part 2
Some important initial thoughts as we start into the "Sabbath Food" scriptures
I AM: Part 6
Finally, Jesus' "I AM NOT" verses 
I AM: Part 5
Discussing the last "I AM" verse in the Bible
Thanks Be To God!
As this year's Last Great Day coincides with Canadian Thanksgiving Day
The Last GREAT Day!
A few words to accent how truly great this day is
The Last Great Day
Do we take it for granted?
Bad News-Good News:  Part 2
Accentuate the Positive!
By Reason of Use
Exercise Spiritually using God's First Principles
To what extent do we have some of God's attributes -- even now?
The Gospel of Jesus
Just what is His true Gospel?
Bad News-Good News:  Part 1
What did Jesus and His disciples preach?           
Teach Your Children
If you don't, who will?
It's All About Faith
Encouraging words from CGI's Bill Watson
Lest We Forget
God's fall Holy Days are reminders of what lies ahead
Lessons from the Honeybee
An illustrated Bible study for children
Lessons from Tootle
An illustrated Bible study for children
Reflecting on some lessons of the Feast of Ingathering
Temporary Dwellings
They represent God's children!
Happy Ship?
Are you a happy crew-member?
Optimism During Difficult Times
Should God's people be optimistic in these days in which we live?
From a Distance
How do Jesus and His Father look at the world and the church?
The Day of Atonement
An overview
I AM: Part 4                         
Yes, even more!
I AM: Part 3
Even more on this astounding topic!
I AM: Part 2
More on this amazing topic
I AM: Part 1
A study on Jesus' frequent use of the term "I AM' 
Sabbath Food: Part 1
Let's avoid offending on this - even if we disagree 
Bridge-building Revisited
Let's be reaching out to our brethren
Water and God's Holy Spirit
A major symbol of the Spirit of God
Pouring, Passover and Pentecost
A symbolic link between the early and later spring Feasts of God
The Two Baggies
Repenting from what we are as well as from what we've done!

Feeding Frenzy
Let us participate and enjoy a God-approved, spiritual feeding frenzy while we can!

Tidal Defenses
And let us get involved in building our defenses against Satanís tide!

The sour wine, the gall, and the piercing
Remember the affliction!

Saints' resurrection 31AD
What was this amazing and frightening event all about?

Death of the Lamb
Do we really appreciate what our Saviour went through for us?

The five W's of deleavening
The Why? Where? What? Who? and When?

John Chapter 17
A Bible Study examining Jesus' astounding prayer to His Father the night before He died

No greater love
How should a Christian give his life?

Firstborn, Redemption and the Feast of Unleavened Bread
Surprising facts about the links between these three, seemingly unrelated, topics

Just another night?
The "five W's" of the Night to be Much Observed

Jesus' final thoughts
What was in our Saviour's mind during His last hours as a human being?

Jesus' blood never failed me yet
What can we learn from this piece of modern classical music by English composer Gavin Bryers?

Solemnity and Rejoicing on the First Day of Unleavened Bread
Are the Night to be Much Observed and the First Day of Unleavened Bread appropriate times for rejoicing?

The Light of the World
Pre-Passover self-examination with the illumination of the Sun of righteousness

How Beautiful are the Feet
As we approach another Passover, here is a study on Feet and the Foot-Washing ceremony

A precious heritage for our young people
Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread

An overview for our young people

The Scarlet Letter
The Last Day of Unleavened Bread pictures God completely forgiving and forgetting all our sins

Did God forget David's sins?
How can God have forgotten the sins of certain biblical characters when their misdeeds are recorded forever in the scriptures?

Did Jesus Christ change the time of the Passover?
What does the Bible say on this controversial subject?

The Wave Sheaf Offering
What is the significance of this remarkable offering

Young people - have a great summer!
Some tips to help young people avoid the "summertime blues"

Young People - Escape the trap!
Career planning for young people

Peer pressure: a challenge for the young and the rest of us
This is not just a problem for our young people

Prayer... for young people
Teach your children to pray

Measuring the Temple
An appropriate Bible study as we approach God's Passover

Can a Christian fall away?  Can a Christian fall from grace?

Don't be Cruel!
A brief Bible study on the subject of cruelty

Salvation: Free Gift or Earned Right?
Is there anything we must do in order to be saved?

Running To and Fro
Encouragement to get our priorities straight as we draw ever closer to the end times

Doubting and Damnation
Allaying some of the fears and concerns of a new Bible student

How precious it is to have the Bible in our own language!
Don't take this blessing for granted!

A study on the Bible's symbolism of this shiny yellow metal.


Alcohol - at the Feast and at Home
What does God's Word have to say about alcohol abstention and over-use?

Birds of the Air - Part II
Moving between sub-flocks

Birds of the Air - Part I
The inspiring scriptural symbolism of our feathered friends

Do We Still Really Believe in It?
God's advice for the Laodicean era of His Church.

Seed over the Fence
A Bible Study discussing some of the finer details Matthew 25:24-26

Building Bridges
Should we be associating with other Church of God groups and their members?

Who is my Enemy?
According to God's Word, who are our real enemies?

Our Voyage
The Christian life as likened to an ocean voyage on a big ship

What Have They Done to the Rain?
We are all aware of the symbolism of pure, clean water.  What about that of dirty, polluted water and acid rain?

His Virgin?
What is God - through Paul - trying to tell us in I Corinthians 7:36-38?

New Year's
What does God's Word have to say about it?

From Tabernacle to Temple
The symbolism of the Tent-Tabernacle and the stone Temple is amazing.  Even more amazing is the symbolism of the transition from the one to the other.

The Tabernacle Offering
How does our generosity compare with that of the ancient Israelites?

Psalm 81 and the Feast of Trumpets
A Bible study linking this inspiring Psalm with the Feast of Trumpets - and the other Holy Days too!

We members of God's church - are we all super men and women?

False Witness
Little white lies are OK... aren't they?  Please read on!

The Loyal Servant
What can God's people learn from the example of John Brown, personal servant to Queen Victoria?

The Others
How does God feel toward non-Christians?  And how should we feel about them?

The National Anthem of the Kingdom of God
Which scriptural song will it be?

The Benefits of the First Resurrection
Having trouble overcoming and holding on to the faith once delivered?  If so, please read this!

Labour Day
Shouldn't we all be putting some effort into our Christian lives?

Who cares what picture you see?
What kinds of movie should Christian families be watching?

Islands and Offences
How should God's people handle offences?

Solid, Bible-based lessons from the bestselling book by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend

The Dam
Is there anything that can prevent the coming of the prophesied end-time events, the resurrections, the return of Jesus, or the Kingdom of God?

Pouring, Pentecost and Passover
How does the symbolic pouring of various substances link the Feast of Pentecost with the Passover?

Observations of a Spin Doctor
The effects of spiritual Centrifugal Force on God's people

Is God a racist?
How do your thoughts on the subject of racism compare with those of Jesus Christ and God the Father?

The jewels of God
How precious are God's children to Him?

Prepare for next year's Feast!
It's never too early to begin our preparations for next year's Feast of Tabernacles

A sin unto death
What is the status of our loved ones who have walked away from God's way of life?  Are they eternally lost?

The needle's eye
Is it totally impossible for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God?

Is it a sin to drink alcoholic beverages?
Does God's Word condemn the use of wine, beer and other strong drinks?

Did angels marry human women?
One scripture indicates that they did!

Put your house in order
Consider the end!

Separation and reunification
Positive and negative forms of separation, and the joy of reunification

Speaking in tongues
What does God's Word really say about this long-misunderstood topic?

The importance of righteous judgment 
What is righteous judgment and why do God's children need it?

Prepare for Satan's attacks
God's people must be on guard - just as much today as at the time of Satan's release at the end of the Millennium

The marriage of the Lamb
Much preparation is necessary for this most wonderful of all weddings

Two priesthoods
A Bible study examining the Aaronic and Melchizedek priesthoods

Don't murmur!
This Bible study provides a condensed history of murmuring amongst God's people

Gathering II
This Bible study examines what else God tells us in the New Testament about gathering

What gatherings are to take place at the fulfillment of the fall holy days?

Quality Holy Day Offerings
Does an offering have to be large to be acceptable?

The Prophet
A study of Deuteronomy chapter 18

Someday, you'll know
Teach and encourage your children about their wonderful future

Proper behaviour during Sabbath services
Our conduct during services reflects our level of respect for God

The Feast of Pentecost
What meaning does this late-spring festival have for God's Church today?

Swear not at all
What was once taboo is now the trend. It's time we said, "Enough!"

The voice of God
Have human beings ever heard the mighty voice of God the Father?

Elijah to reappear?
Will this prophet return to earth before Jesus Christ does?

Milk and meat
Does God forbid the consumption of meat and milk products together?

Who were the Magi?
Clues to the identities of the wise men who brought gifts to the young Jesus

Encouragement and help for our children during the Christmas season
It can be a tough time of year for our kids!

Why and how should we thank God?

It doesn't matter?
What should a Christian's priorities be?

Faith without works
Did Paul and James disagree on this doctrine?

Is heaven the reward of the saved?
Will Christians go "up there" when they die?

God's way of give at the Feast of Tabernacles
The Feast is not just for getting the things that "thy soul lusteth after"

House to house
Should God's people go door to door preaching the gospel?

I will never leave you nor forsake you
God still protects His people in the 21st Century

Honour the king?
Should a Christian respect physical governments?

We're tired of looking backwards, aren't you?

Make a joyful noise!
Some tips on hymn singing... from a big, yellow bird!

The battlefield
Trust in God to bring you through life's storms and battles

The man in the brown hat
Be hospitable. Welcome strangers

Many Christians are spiritually tired.  This article encourages God's people to wake up and get back to doing God's Work!

What's so hallowed about Halloween?
What are the origins of this increasingly popular annual celebration?

For want of a nail
Are YOU important to God?

Daniel and the king's meat
Why did Daniel and his friends reject the king's food?  And what can modern Christians learn from this account?

There is no God?
Is it really logical NOT to believe in God?

God's quality way of life
Make it yours!

The Sabbath Day
Is it necessary for a New Testament Christian to keep the Sabbath?  This Bible Study researches every scripture which mentions the Sabbath

Teach your children well!
Put a high priority on teaching God's way of life to your children

Saint Valentine's Day
What are the origins of this increasingly popular observance?

Gustav Mahler knew a surprising amount about what happens after death.  How about you?

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