Building Bridges

Working to build bridges
between the scattered "islands" of
God's Church

Astoria Bridge, Oregon

What's New?

Feast of Tabernacles and Last Great Day 2020
Full Service Recordings

September 26:  Three and a Half Years:  Part 3

September 18:  Three and a Half Years:  Part 2

September 5:  Three and a Half Years:  Part 1

August 29:  Clean, Unclean and Common:  Part 2

August 22:  Clean, Unclean and Common:  Part 1

July 25:  Contagion!

"Bridge-Building" Items 

Ben Faulkner (CotSG)
A Call to Unity

Stephen Glover (LGM)
1: A Marvellous Work and a Wonder!

2. The Greater Works

Mike James (CGI)
Unity and Me

Adrian Davis (CGI)
The Unity and Diversity of the Holy Spirit

Artificial Boundaries

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