Building Bridges

Working toward the Building of Bridges
between the scattered "islands" of
God's Church

Astoria Bridge, Oregon

What's New? 

October 21:  Boundaries: Part 1

October 20:  The Opening Night

October 16:  The Two Goats

October 7:  The Feast of Trumpets

September 25:  Daniel: Part 9

September 18:  A Biblical History of the Jews: Part 7

September 11;  A Biblical History of the Jews: Part 6

September 4:  A Biblical History of the Jews: Part 5

August 28:  Daniel: Part 8


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"Bridge-Building" Items 

C. Wayne Cole
Are You Ready?

Ben Faulkner (CotSG)
A Call to Unity

Stephen Glover (LGM)
1: A Marvellous Work and a Wonder!

2. The Greater Works

Mike James (CGI)
Unity and Me

Artificial Boundaries

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Transcripts in the Kiswahili Language

Our Statement of Beliefs

Especially for our Young People

The "Moving Easy" mild exercise program

Journey into Darkness

CBC Radio (Canada) documentary on the subject of Clinical Depression


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Mark Twain

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